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Eva Buis

My name is Eva Buis and I live in Leiden together with my adopted dog Zelda, which I train as a therapy dog ​​myself. From an early age I liked to be creative and help other people. When it turned out that people can be helped by working with art, the choice for the education in visual therapy (previously called art therapy) was made quickly. In 2019 I graduated as a visual therapist/art therapist.

This is what makes me happy and I wish this happiness for other people too.

During my education I did two internships where I gained a lot of experience with people with a mental disability. Here I participated in the daytime activities and I offered them art therapy. I also worked a lot with children, 10 years as a nanny and half a year in London as an au pair. Furthermore, I am an expert with burnout because I have experianced it in the past. In my recovery process I benefited greatly from the artistic assignments I learned during the training. It also taught me how art therapy can help prevent burnout.

I am trained to resolve various complaints in a safe environment in which I give personal attention to the individual client and where I look beyond the complaint or the clinical picture. Every person is different and needs different things.

If you have questions or if you want to make an appointment, please e-mail me at:

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