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Do you want your child or yourself

to sleep better

deal with tension, fears and unrest

Experience more happiness

Get more self-confidence

Processing an event

Creative work can expresses what is going on inside and supports the healing process.

The sessions can be given one on one or in a group.
Below you will find more information about the intake, the individual sessions and group sessions.

vaktherapie pastel


In an individual process, we start with an intake interview to get acquainted. Here we will talk about, among other things, the goal that will be worked on, the estimated duration of the therapy and the structure. The intake takes about 40 minutes.

Intake costs are free

beeldende therapie Leiden


An individual program usually consists of 10 to 14 sessions in order to achieve good results. In some cases, the trajectory is shorter or it may take a year or more to continue working. This is discussed during the intake interview. The sessions last 60 minutes.

Cost per session: € 65

kunstzinnige therapie Leiden


In group sessions, a group consists of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 15 people who work with the same request for help. For example as subject: depression, burnout or grief. The current offer can be found under the heading “Events”.

Costs pp: variable, see heading “Events”

Praktijk Kunst Kracht


Artistic therapy is (partly) reimbursed with additional insurance at many health insurers. This compensation is described under "alternative medicine".

In some cases, a request is made for a referral or indication and connection of the therapist to an association.
As a therapist I am registered with the NVKT, NVBT and FVB.
Please contact your health insurer or me if you have any questions.

For more information, see the care guide 

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