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kunstzinnige therapie

Eva Buis - Healed through visual work

Do you want more self-confidence or maybe learn to embrace your vulnerability? Do you want to enjoy life more? At Praktijk Kunst Kracht I work with these questions, among other things.

At Praktijk Kunst Kracht, art therapy is based on an anthroposophical basis. This means that through painting, modeling and drawing, work is done to support the healing capacity of the body and mental health. By portraying emotions and feelings, these become more tangible and an inner journey can be made through an image process to an improvement in health and you learn to come into balance and feel good about yourself again.

Art therapy can be applied for both mental and physical health.

Both children and adults can contact practice art strength for, among other things:  

- Reduce stress complaints/burnout

-To process trauma

- Grieving Process

- Boost self-confidence

 Meer weten over kunstzinnige therapie?

In het filmpje hier onder legt Erik Scherder uit hoe je brein reageert op creatieve expressie bij mensen die moeten omgaan met kanker.

Praktijk Kunst Kracht - Leiden

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